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Under Article 11 of Law 2472/97 concerning the update of the subject from the controller of his personal data, the following information is provided:

A. The controller of personal data collected during the subject’s registration at and to whom the subject must be addressed in order to perform in accordance with Article 12 and 13 N .2472/1997 rights is CRYSTAL CUT SA located in P. Faliro, 92 Proteos St., 17561 GR, with phone number +302109892000.

B. The purpose of processing personal data is the statistics of responses to the questionnaires that supplement the members of the website.

C. Personal data will not be transmitted, distributed or sold to any third party.

D. The subject has full access to his data. Under article 12 of Law 2472/97 regarding the right of access applies the following:
D1. Each data subject, is entitled to know whether personal data relating to him/her is or has been processed. To this end, the data controller, has an obligation to respond in writing.
D2. The subject has the right to request and obtain from the data controller with no delay and in an understandable and clear way, the following information:
D2.1. All personal data concerning them and their origins.
D2.2. The aims of data treatment, the recipients or categories of recipients.
D2.3. The development of the processing for the period from the last notification or update.
D2.4. The logic of automated processing.
D2.5. When appropriate the rectification, erasure or blocking of data whose processing does not comply with the provisions of this Act, particularly because of incomplete or inaccurate data and
D2.6. disclosure to third parties to whom the data have been announced, of any rectification, erasure or blocking (lock) conducted in accordance with applicable D2.5., since this is or impossible or involve a disproportionate effort.
The right of access can be exercised by the data subject and with the assistance of an expert.
D3. The right of the previous paragraph and the rights of Article 13 (Law 2472/97 concerning the right to object) are being exercised by submitting the request to the controller and simultaneous cash payment, the amount of which, the method of payment and any other relevant matter settled by the Authority. This amount is refunded to the applicant if the request for correction or deletion of data is considered valid by either the controller or by the Authority in case he appeals to it. The controller has an obligation in this case to grant the applicant without delay and free of charge in comprehensive language, a copy of the corrected part of the treatment that concerns him.
D4. If the controller does not respond within fifteen (15) days or if the response is unsatisfactory, the data subject has the right to appeal to the Authority. In case the Controller refuses to grant the request of the person concerned, shall notify the Authority and shall inform the person that may appeal to it.

E. The subject has the full right to object to data relating to him. Under Article 13 of Law 2472/97 are as follows:
E1. The data subject has the right to raise any objections to the processing of data relating to him. The objections are addressed in writing to the controller and must include a request for specific action, such as correction, temporary non use, locking, non transmission or deletion. The controller has a duty to respond to the objections in writing within a deadline of fifteen (15) days. The response must inform the subject of the action taken or, where appropriate, the reasons for not acceding to the request. The response in case of rejection of objections must also be communicated to the Authority.
E2. If the controller does not respond within that period or the reply is not satisfactory, the data subject has the right to appeal to the Authority and request examination of his objections. If the Authority is inferred that the objections are reasonable and that there is danger of serious damage to the subject from continuation of processing, may require the immediate suspension of processing until a final decision on the objections.
E3. Everyone has the right to declare to the Authority that data that concern him, does not wish to be processed by anyone, for promotional sales of goods or services remotely. The Authority shall keep a record of the identity of the above. The controllers of the relevant records are required to consult before any processing that register, and deregister themselves persons of this paragraph.

CRYSTAL CUT will inform the subject of any change in data as mentioned above.