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What is the criterion for the appearance of the advertisements?
The criteria for the appearance of the ads, is the number of ad rights.

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What are the "ad rights"?
They are advertising rights that members of livematrix24 own
(ad is short for advertising).

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How can I acquire ad right?
The ad rights will be acquired by two (at least, for now) ways:
a. each completed questionnaire gives you 1 ad right.
b. purchase, each ad right will cost 10 (ten) euros (plus VAT).
The ad rights can be transferred between members.

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How often do advertisements show up?
They will appear there with a frequency of 360 ads per hour.
The frequency of appearance of an ad depends on the ad rights available, with respect to the combined ad rights of all the ads together (and that target the same audience, a feature not currently available).
Their positions are three and they are at the right of the matrix.

If an ad has 10 rights and all ads together 100, it will appear 10/100X360 = 36 times per hour.
The number of times an ad appears is independent of how many times they see it ("the views", in the language of advertising on the Internet). Like on TV.
An advertisement can be displayed 3 times an hour, but how many times they see it depends on the number of viewers and the time they are watching TV.
At the site, therefore, it depends on the traffic and the average length of stay.

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What is the procedure of uploading an advertisement?
The ad will be posted by yourself. Log in to your account and find the button "Advertising" to your left.
Click on it and you'll be transferred to the ad management system. From there, you can review and proceed with the necessary actions.
The advertisements include an image of size of 175(width) x 90(height) pixels, 35-character title and 135-character text.
Each ad will be subjected to inspection before "release". From the management system, you will be able to see whether it was approved, etc.

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Do the ad rights expire?
The ad rights will never expire! The ad will be displayed indefinitely (at least for as long as the service is available).
Of course, the number of times depends on the number of acquired ad rights, in relation to the total ad rights available

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